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PPAC Workshops

We're here to help you! Scroll down to read workshop descriptions. Click HERE to view the workshop calendar of events. **For security reasons, when attending a workshop, please plan to have your CAMERA ON. Thank you!

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Upcoming Events

** The Workshop/Webinar Schedule is available through Google Calendar HERE. Click on the specific workshop day/time to see a description and Zoom address for each workshop/webinar. **

The Preprofessional Advisement Center offers regular workshops on the academic requirements necessary for professional schools, shadowing, personal statements and preparing applications. We encourage you to attend these workshops as many of your questions will be answered and we can use individual appointments to offer personalized assistance once you have learned the basics. These workshops are not recorded, instead they are offered frequently to encourage you to attend and participate.

Each of the workshops will feature the same content but are held at different times to try and accommodate your schedule. To view the schedule and access the zoom links please click HERE.

PreHealth 101 – This 60-minute workshop is designed to walk a student through the academic requirements necessary for admission to their interested prehealth program. After attending this workshop, students are then prepared to meet with an advisor and have a thoughtful, strategic, advising appointment; moving beyond a program’s academic requirements and instead focusing on what the student can do to be admitted. Before scheduling a first-time appointment with an advisor we require that all students attend this workshop. Also plan on attending Prehealth 201 to learn more about what you should be doing to be a successful applicant.

PreHealth 201 – Once you’ve learned about the academic requirements for admission (prehealth 101) this 60-minute workshop focuses on the activities that a student should participate in to be admitted to the program of their choice. Health professional schools desire to see students have a balance of outside activities and responsibilities and view this as an indicator of the applicant’s ability to deal with the rigors of life as a health care professional. To help you succeed, this workshop discusses what clinical experience, shadowing, research, intellectual curiosity, and most importantly community service activities you can be doing to show your dedication to the profession.

Personal Statement Workshop – This 60-minute workshop explains what a personal statement is (and is not). But most importantly, this workshop teaches a student how to get started on crafting their own personal statement. The student will leave with a specific plan on what they need to do and have a better understanding of what professional schools are looking for in the personal statement. Students are required to attend this workshop prior to scheduling a personal statement editing session with the Preprofessional Advisement Center (open to all students applying to professional/graduate school programs).

Interviewing part 1 – This 40-minute workshop is designed to remind you of all the things you know about interviewing but sometimes forget in the moment. We’ll talk about how to prep for virtual interviewing, how to answer the basic questions (“tell me about yourself?”) to sound polished and prepared and NOT canned, and how to be ready to ask intelligent, thoughtful questions back to the interviewer.

Interviewing part 2 – This 50-minute focuses specifically on interview preparation for health professional school programs. We will discuss how to approach the MMI and ethical questions, discuss strategies of how to prepare for a variety of interview styles, and review the appropriate follow-up process after an interview has taken place.