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Service Modifications due to COVID-19

Until further notice, we will not be providing face-to-face advisement appointments. We do have online and phone appointments available and are eager to help.

I would love to make an advising appointment. Can I do this?

Absolutely! Depending upon your program of interest we have different advisors available to help you. If you already know who your advisor is, you can schedule an appointment here.

If you don't know who your advisor is then you can determine that and schedule an appointment here.

Can I still apply for the premed scholarships that I heard about?

The scholarship process for this round has concluded. Applications will become available again in Winter 2021.

I’m applying to medical/dental school during the upcoming cycle. Is Letter Tracker still available?

Great news! Nothing changes with letter tracker. Please continue to request your letters from your letter writers electronically. Encourage your letter writers to submit their letters electronically (they are given the option to do hard copy or electronic). If you or your letter writer is encountering any difficulty, please email

Can I still get help with my personal statement and documenting my activities for my application?

Yes! Remember you MUST “attend” a “Personal Statement” workshop and/or an “Application Tips and Tricks” workshop prior to asking the editor for feedback on each document (must attend personal statement workshop if asking for personal statement feedback, must attend application tips workshop if asking for activities feedback.) You can set up an appointment with our editor by emailing

I have some application questions that I need help with. Can anyone help me?

Please contact your advisor that specializes in the program you are applying to. They are available and happy to help! Additionally, we have a ZOOM room available M/W/F from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm to help answer these technical questions. For more information click HERE.

Do you think my MCAT/DAT/GRE/LSAT test date or location will change?

Yes. They have changed and continue to change and be updated. It is best to consult with the specific organization or testing provider. We attempt to keep the most recent information available below.

MCAT information can be found here.
DAT information can be found here.
GRE information can be found here.

What if I was planning on getting the majority of my shadowing/volunteer/clinical hours during the spring term. These places are no longer accepting volunteers how will that impact my application?

We have spoken with several schools and they are all aware of this world event and how it may impact the upcoming cycle’s applications. While these schools stated that they are not sure how they will handle it a good way for you to be thinking about it is – “What can I do now to make a difference?” Think about what skills and unique abilities you have and resolve to find ways to help others. We’re happy to help brainstorm and work with you on this. We have provided some interesting options here and here. Please email your assigned advisor and let’s get an appointment scheduled to discuss.

What about my classes taught by the advisors at the Preprofessional Advisement Center?

We intend to offer all of our classes in Fall 2020. You can find out how we intend to teach each course (remote, online, in-person, etc.) in the class schedule.

Are the scheduled workshops still happening?

Yes! They will be offered via ZOOM. You can find the schedule here. We encourage you to attend!