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Physician Assistant


PA advisement is for students that are interested in becoming a certified physician assistant. Physician assistants are trained to provide diagnostic, therapeutic and preventative health care services under the supervision of a physician. We help students determine if practicing medicine as a PA is right for them. Student will learn about PA schools and the preparation that is required.

We assist students in planning necessary classes. We help students determine if they need to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) and assist them in preparation. We begin students down the path of clinical experience. Clinical experience is a major requirement for most of the PA programs in the United States. Additionally, we counsel about preparation specifics such as community service, scientific research, letters of recommendation, and any other extracurricular activities that will improve students’ chances of gaining admission to PA school.

We are available to all students regardless of major. We strongly advise students to come in and meet with our advisors to help guide you through your undergraduate experience. Please click below to see the available handouts.

PA School Clinical Work
PA School Coursework
Preparing for PA School: Factors Considered for Admission
Physician Assistant Programs
Acceptance Statistics

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