Volunteer Opportunities

BYU Y-Serve

The BYU Y-Serve organization has dozens of service groups. Visit their website at https://yserve.byu.edu/ or go to their office at 2330 WSC & 2010 WSC to get involved.


T.O.P.S (Tutor Outreach to Provo Students)

T.O.P.S is now recruiting tutors for elementary to high school aged students. You are able to tutor any subject and at any time! Only 1 hour a week and you can make a huge impact!!! This experience is fun and exciting and looks great on any resume. Sign up now at yserve.byu.edu/programs/TOPS 


KVM Foundation

KVM is currently searching for 2 more interns to join one of our country directors in India this coming Winter Semester (January-April). Interested applicants need to be self motivated, easily adaptable to new environments and cultures, responsible, and ready to try new fields of interest. Interns will learn and utilize skills in administration, finances, networking, English teaching, and advertising. This is a great opportunity to learn more about skills necessary for future development in the professional world as well as be a great addition to any resume or professional school application. Interns will help act as country administrators to help maintain and grow the current English institution and help our 40 students to fulfill their dreams.


For more information please email Taylor Ottesen at taylor@kvmfoundation.org or visit their website at www.kvmfoundation.org