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Helpful Pre-Med Courses

These courses are designed to help you learn more about medicine, whether it is a good fit for you, and to prepare you for medical school application and life as a physician.

STDEV 170: Intro to Health Professions (1 credit )

  • Seminar style overview of health careers with a variety of guest lecturers (medical doctor, dentist, physician assistant, pharmacist, physical therapist, etc.)

STDEV 214R: Special Topics (1-2 credits) in Medicine.

  • Taught by practicing physicians. Course content may include medical ethics, surgical procedures/’rounds’, general medical issues and concerns, career choice and preparation, etc. based on the experience and background of the specific physician instructor.

STDEV 272: Preview of Medicine (1 credit)

  • Seminar style overview of the medical profession with lectures from Pre-Health advisors, local medical professionals, and medical school admissions officers.

STDEV 399R Health Professions Internship (1-3 credits)

  • Students are invited to set up shadowing experiences with different physicians or patient exposure experiences and receive course credit for the experience.

STDEV 470: Health Professions Application (2 credits)

  • For Pre-Medical, Pre-Dental, and Allied Health professions students. Provides an overview of the application process.

NURS 505: Interprofessional Education for Health Professions (1 credit)

  • Focus on the rules and responsibilities for collaborative practice. Communication, teamwork, leadership, values and ethics will all be addressed.

SOC 329: Medical Sociology (3 credits)

  • Social and structural factors which influence health, healing, and illness.

BIO 370: Bioethics (2 credits)

  • Discussion of major ethical theories and their application to current issues in medicine and biology.

LATIN 123: Pre-Medical Latin and Greek (2 credits)

  • Introduction to the Latin and Greek roots of modern medical terminology.