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Factors Considered in Admission

Admissions Office

Academic Factors for Physical Therapy School Admission

  • Major: Students interested in attending a physical therapy program may choose any major while at BYU. We recommend that you choose a major you like, and then incorporate the prerequisite courses into your schedule.
  • GPA: Both your cumulative GPA and science GPA are an important part of your application.
  • Test: Your GRE score is an important part of your application and is used for PT admission.

Non-Academic Factors Considered for Physical Therapy School Admission

  • Rolling Admissions: PTCAS, the centralized application service for PT schools, opens in July. Due to rolling admissions it is very important to submit your PT school application as close to the opening date as possible. Often students who are otherwise qualified are not accepted simply because they applied too late.
  • Clinical Experience: Clinical experience with a PT is vital when applying to a PT program. You should become acquainted with a few PTs and shadow, volunteer, or work to gain some firsthand experience in what PTs do on a daily basis. To be competitive, try to obtain at least 150 total shadowing hours in at least two different settings.
  • Community Service: Emphasis on service varies; service activities should demonstrate consistent and long term commitment to helping others, but do not need to be physical therapy related. Community service completed on a mission can be a starting point, but engagement in your own community is seen as more valuable and should demonstrate a current pattern of service.
  • Leadership: Most students are able to accrue leadership experience over the years as they are involved in working, service, and extracurricular activities.
  • Research: Experience participating in hypothesis-based research always looks good on your application and is strongly recommended.