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Choosing Which Schools to Apply to

MSAR: Medical School Admission Requirements

If you are applying to MD program in the next year or two, we highly encourage you to join and use MSAR. MSAR is a resource that provides comprehensive information on every accredited allopathic (MD) medical school in the United States and Canada. It includes comprehensive data, deadlines, policies and information for each medical school. It is particularly useful in the year you are applying.

Each medical school profile includes over 100 pieces of information and data including:

  • MCAT and GPA data
  • Medical school class profiles
  • Education costs and financial aid packages
  • M.D./Ph.D. and other combined degree programs
  • Data on applicant volunteer and research experiences
  • Graduates’ specialty choices
  • Commitment to primary care
  • Global health experience participation
  • Affiliated hospitals
  • Research opportunities.

There are multiple features that will allow you to sort, browse, and compare medical school profiles. In the ‘compare feature’, up to 10 medical schools may be viewed in a ‘side-by-side” comparison. You may also use filters to sort schools you interested in. Filters may include MCAT, GPA, location, class size, campus type, etc. You may also enter the prerequisite coursework you’ve completed, and then compare it to any specific medical school’s list of prerequisite courses.

MCAT national and applicant data is also available in the MSAR. This includes school-specific and national accepted applicant data for the MCAT exam. There are drop down categories to view acceptance, matriculant, and national data.

The MSAR is published each year, typically in April.

You may purchase a digital subscription for online access to the MSAR. A one-year subscription is $28, a two-year subscription costs $36. For details go to

Osteopathic Medical Schools Information Book

Each year, the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medical (AACOM) publishes an informational guide book for all of the accredited osteopathic medical (DO) schools in the United States. Unlike the MSAR, which is only available on-line, the DO medical school info book, is a hard-copy print version. The first few chapters of the information Book include an overview of osteopathic medicine, general admission requirements including GPA and MCAT scores, tuition and financial aid, and information about the osteopathic medical school primary application service (AACOMAS). The final section of the Information Book includes individual college descriptions for each of the 35 osteopathic medical schools, with 55 campuses in the US.

The Osteopathic Medical Schools Information Book is published each spring, typically in May. It may be purchased for $15 (go to and look under publications), or the pdf may be downloaded for free. (see


The Texas Medical and Dental Schools Application Service (TMDSAS) is the centralized application processing service for applicants applying to all public medical and dental schools in the state of Texas. The TMDSAS Application Handbook may be downloaded at TMDSAS Application Handbook. The TMDSAS 2020-2021 APPLY Magazine may be downloaded at TMDSAS APPLY Magazine.